Cowon s9 PMPThe Cowon S9 Curve saga continues - at first it was supposed to be released in December 2009. Then it got delayed (according to rumors...) to 2009.

Now it seems that it got an official UK release date - Decemeber 15th. The Cowon S9 will be priced at £169 ($252) for the 8GB and £199 ($297) for the 16GB. We also got a nice new photo of the display.

The S9 curve has a touchscreen 3.3" (480x272) AMOLED display. It also has a 500Mhz dual-core CPU, bluetooth, FM radio, TV out and a USB2 connector.

Via Slashgear

UPDATE: Engadget reports that the player will hit the US in December 19th... The price will be 199$ for the 8GB, and 240$ for the 16GB version.