The Coronavirus pandemic has brought many restrictions and changes to the world. Governments are doing their best to enforce social distancing and quarantine regulations in order to contain the virus outbreak, but this fight inevitably brings with it negative impacts on various markets, especially consumer goods. On the OLED front, it is evident that demands for consumer devices is dropping. Hopefully, this will not be the situation forever and when the lock-down experienced in so many countries can be safely lifted, people will return to work, demand will rise and things will return to normal.

In the meantime, the display industry (OLED industry included) is not standing still - companies are continuing to develop new technologies and devices, new ideas are being tested and there is still business bring done. In fact, many companies are viewing this situation as a chance to increase productivity and R&D and become better companies.

Obviously, many events and conferences all over the world are being cancelled - and the display industry is no exception. We have seen several events that have been called off or delayed, and while this is saddening, we expect more events to be canceled in the near future until the outbreak is contained. Indeed, industry events are a great place to learn of new technologies and products, get introduced to new companies and launch new business initiatives. However, in today's online world there are good alternatives for real life events.

OLED-Info is stepping up to support the OLED industry, and is offering a wide range of services to help keep the industry going - with discounts and special offers to help companies through these trying times:

  • Banner ads on our site and newsletter, to increase brand awareness or generate leads
  • Sponsored articles on our web site, newsletters and social media - to generate leads, educate the industry and promote new services or products
  • Business development services - gain access to the leading companies in the OLED industry in direct communication
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  • And more!

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