Back in April 2011 Corning produced a nice video called A Day Made of Glass, showing future designs made with durable, transparent and even flexible glass displays. Now Corning is back with a sequel, showing the same family but with some new ideas in the home, car, classroom, outdoor and work environments:

A lot of these displays can be achieved with OLEDs, although OLEDs aren't specifically mentioned in those video. Just a few days ago Corning announced an OLED glass joint-venture with Samsung. Corning also released an unpacked version of this video- that includes explanations about the technology shown in the video:




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It's fake and impossible for future because OLED screen w/ touch always MUST need Printed Circuit Boards (PCB)!! lool!

the pcb is at the edge

The pcb is obviously in the edge of the handheld devices shown, so nothing impossible there.

But even so, I bet you'll see transparent transistors one day.