Feb 06, 2012

Back in April 2011 Corning produced a nice video called A Day Made of Glass, showing future designs made with durable, transparent and even flexible glass displays. Now Corning is back with a sequel, showing the same family but with some new ideas in the home, car, classroom, outdoor and work environments:

A lot of these displays can be achieved with OLEDs, although OLEDs aren't specifically mentioned in those video. Just a few days ago Corning announced an OLED glass joint-venture with Samsung. Corning also released an unpacked version of this video- that includes explanations about the technology shown in the video:

Flexible OLED market report


Hi! I'm nuninho1980.

It's fake and impossible for future because OLED screen w/ touch always MUST need Printed Circuit Boards (PCB)!! lool!

The pcb is obviously in the edge of the handheld devices shown, so nothing impossible there.

But even so, I bet you'll see transparent transistors one day.

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