Corning and Soitec to work on the OLED displays substrates

Corning and the Soitec group have agreed to work on the development of high-performance silicon-on-glass (SiOG) substrates for OLED displays for mobiles.

Corning's silicon-on-glass technology, currently in development, is a thin, single-crystal silicon film applied to Corning display glass. This development is expected to produce an engineered substrate with outstanding electrical mobility and material uniformity, upon which electronic circuits can be easily applied by display manufacturers.

Soitec's proprietary Smart Cut™ technology is used to transfer ultra-thin single crystal layers of wafer substrate material (such as silicon) onto another surface. This technique is used to fabricate more than 90 percent of SOI production wafers in the semiconductor industry.

Posted: Jul 30,2009 by Ron Mertens