Continental demonstrated a new concept in which the three rear-view mirrors in a car are replaced by cameras and two OLED HDR displays. The so called "Camera Monitor System" improves the cars' safety, efficiency and comfort.

Continental rear-mirror OLED concept photo

Continental explains that such a system eliminates glare, is better protected against dust and dirt, eliminated exterior mirror damage, gives better vision in poor light and rain, minimizes wind resistance and road noise and eliminates blind spots.

The dual displays use 12.3" Full-HD OLED panels, mounted on the left and right of the A-pillar inside the vehicle's cabin. Continental has been collaborating with Samsung before on flexible OLEDs.

This isn't actually the first time we hear of such a concept. Back in 2012, Audi even installed a digital internal rear-view AMOLED mirror in the new R18 race cars.




The shape of the camera housing looks like it could be improved upon. More like the roof 'fin', but the camera a little further out. Good to see that this tech is in the works, although legislation in the US (and other parts of the world) need to change for it to be legal (AFAIK). I read somewhere once that it could reduce wind resistance by about 4-5%. It would look good on PEVs, like the Tesla models, BMW i3 and i8, VW eUP! and GTE and others.

Mikael in Sweden

This must be much better than todays external mirrors on our vehicles sides, which take to much space and for car designers would mirror-less car bodies make cars with much more smooth shape.