Amorphyx logoUS-based Amorphyx develops amorphous-metals based display backplanes, which can be used to drive displays using quantum-tunneling. The company says that such backplanes will enable extremely fast conductivity and thus "unlimited" refresh rates.

Amorhpyx AMNR-based backplane are compatible with LCDs, OLEDs and e-paper displays.


Solar-Tectic logoUS-based Solar-Tectic LLC develops high quality low-cost thin-film solutions for the solar (including tandem perovskite/crystalline silicon), display, and glass industries.

Atom Microelectronics

Atom Microelectronics logoUS-based Atom Nanoelectronics was established in 2013 to develop innovative, scalable and high throughput fabrication technologies.

The company's technology is based about HiPCOT single-walled carbon nanotubes, and using these material Atom developed fully-printed CNT-TFT backplanes for AMOLED displays.


Polyera logoUS-based Polyera was established in 2005 to develop OTFT based backplanes for flexible displays. The company raised over $30 million in several financing rounds, and has a flexible display pilot line in Taiwan.


FlexEnable logoFlexEnable develops OTFT-based backplanes for flexible displays, suitable for both EPD and OLED technologies.


Evonik LogoEvonik, based in Germany, is a multi-national specialty chemicals company. The company focuses on high-growth sectors, especially health, nutrition, resource efficiency and globalization.

Mattrix Technologies

Mattrix Technologies logoMattrix Technologies (previously nVerPix) was established in October 2010 to commercialize the CN-VOLET technology developed at the University of Florida (with funding from Nanoholdings). CN-VOLET is a next-gen, cost-effective backplane technology, especially suitable for AMOLED displays.

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