Pulsedeon logoFinland-based Pulsedeon (previously known as Picodeon) specialized on thin film coatings and surface treatments with its patented Coldab Ultra-Short Pulsed Laser Deposition (USPLD) process.

Raystar Optronics

Raystar Optronics logoRaystar Optronics is a Taiwanese display supplier that offers small to medium sized LCD, TFTs and OLED modules.

Raystar currently offers character and graphic PMOLED displays.

Plastic Logic

Plastic Logic logoPlastic Logic was founded in 2000 as a spin-off from Cambridge University, to develop OTFT backplanes for displays. The company mostly focus on e-paper (E Ink) displays, but it is also involved with OLED displays.

Luoyang Sifon Electronic

Luoyang Sifon Electronic logoLuoyang Sifon Electronic was established in 2001 in Luoyang, China, to manufacture high-melting metals such as tungsten and molybdenum alloys. The company produces molybdenum targets, tungsten targets and WCu wafers for the OLED industry and says LG Display uses their products for OLED production.


StoreDot logoStoreDot, based in Israel, was established in 2011 to develop and commercialize new peptide-based technology originally discovered in Tel Aviv University. The technology enabled the synthesis of quantum dots based on bio-materials for a variety of application.


IDTechEx logoIDTechEx offers independent market research, business intelligence and advice on emerging technologies.

The company offers reports on organic electronics, flexible displays, OLED lighting and printed electronics.

Wan Hsiang OLED

Wan Hsiang OLED logoWan Hsiang OLED was an OLED material maker based in Taiwan. The company provides OEM and ODM services for OLEDs.

The company offered over 100 OLED related materials, which included HTL, HIL, Hosts (fluorescent and phosphorescent), dopants and PLED materials.

Legend Display Technology

Legend Display Technology logoLegend Design Technology was established in 1996 in Santa Clara, California with an aim to provide software products and services for LCD and OLED display panel design, modeling, analysis, simulation and debugging.

Cambridge Isotope Laboratories - Deutreated Reagents and High-Purity Gases for OLEDsCambridge Isotope Laboratories - Deutreated Reagents and High-Purity Gases for OLEDs