Nanjing Guozhao Optoelectronics Technologies

Nanjing Guozhao Optoelectronics Technologies (NJ Guozhao), based in Nanjing, China, was established as spin-off from the China Electronic Technology Group Corporation (CETC), to produce OLED microdisplays.

NJ Guozhao is already offering its first display, a 0.39" XGA panel, produced at its $39 million OLED production line.

Kunshan Mengxian

Kunshan Mengxian Electric (also known as Qingyue Optical) was established in 2020 in China with plans to produce OLED microdisplays. The company is owned by Qingyue, a PMOLED producer that was spun-off in 2021 from OLED maker Visionox.

In 2020, Kunshan Mengxian announced its plans for a $55 million OLED microdisplay line, in Kunshan, Jiangsu province. The company is looking to produce direct-emission RGB OLED microdisplays.


Qingyue logoChina-based Qingyue was established in 2021 as a spin-off from OLED producer Visionox, to handle the company's PMOLED business.

Qingyue, one of the world's leading PMOLED makers, has two 370x400 mm production lines, each with a capacity of 8,000 monthly substrates (around 1.75 million 1” displays).


Sidtek logoChina-based Semiconductor Integrated Display Technology, or SidTek, is an OLED microdisplay developer established in 2016.

In 2020 the company started to produce its first display, a 0.39" 1024x768 OLED microdisplay.


Sharp logoJapan-based Sharp is a global producer of telecommunications equipment, electric and electronic application equipment and electronic components.

Seeya Technology

SeeYa Technology logoShanghai-based Seeya Information Technology was established in October 2016 with an aim to design and produce OLED microdisplays.

In September 2017 Seeya announced plans to build an OLED microdisplay production line in Hefei, China. Seeya's $300 million fab (now in production) has a yearly capacity of 20 million displays (a monthly capacity of 9,000 12-inch wafers).


Kuntech (officially Shaanxi Kuntech Semiconductor Technology) was established in 2018 in Xian, Shaanxi, China with an aim to become an AMOLED producer.


Kopin logoUS-based Kopin Corporation is a developer of microdisplays and other components for wearable devices.


Royole logoRoyole was established in 2012 to develop novel display technologies and IP. Royole is constructing a $1.7 billion 5.5-Gen (45,000 monthly substrates) flexible AMOLED production facility in Shenzhen, China. The new fab is scheduled to begin operation in 2018.

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