DowDuPont logoUS-based DowDuPont was established in 2015 as a merger between DuPont and Dow Chemical. The new company is a science-based material company active in agriculture, materials science and specialty products.

Both DuPont and Dow Chemical had extensive OLED programs, and the new company is continuing this R&D.


Avantama logoSwitzerland-based Avantama AG (previously known as Nanograde) is specialized in the development and supply of printable and coatable materials for the manufacturing of optical or electronic thin films.

Changchun Tuo Cai Technology

Changchun Tuo Cai Technology, based in Changchun, China, was established in 2017 to produce and supply chemicals for the display, batteries and biochemistry markets.

For the OLED industry, CTCT offers OLED stack materials (HTL, HIL, ETL), host materials and OLED intermediates.

Material Science

Material Science logoMaterial Science was established in Korea in 2014 with an aim to develop OLED materials. The company currently offer ETL, HTL, EIL, EBL materials in addition to red and green host and emitter materials.

Daejoo Electronic Materials

Daejoo Electronic Materials logoDaejoo Electronic Materials, based in Korea, manufactures materials for the electronic industry. The company's materials are used in a wide range of applications such as LEDs, CFLs, epoxies, glass materials, phosphors and more.

Nissan Chemical Industries

Nissan Chemical Industries logoNissan Chemical Industries, established in 1887 in Japan, is a diversified chemical company involved in many industries, including Agricultural materials, pharmaceuticals and advanced materials.

Molecular Glasses

Molecular Glasses logo (2018)US-based Molecular Glasses develops a new class of organic semiconductor materials for OLED displays, branded as OLEDIQ. OLEDIQ materials can be deposited by evaporation or in solution-based processes.

Molecular Glasses focuses on host materials for OLEDs, and currently offers red, yellow, green and blue host materials.

Kanto Chemical

Kanto Chemical logoKanto Chemical, established in 1944 in Japan, develops and manufactures fine chemicals, reagents, and chemicals for the electronics industry. For the OLED industry, the company offers hole transporting electron blocking materials that it developed in collaboration with NHK.


Toray logoToray Group is a chemical industry group that sets organic synthetic chemistry, polymer chemistry and biotechnology as its core technologies. The main businesses are fibers & textiles and plastics & chemicals, but the company also develops IT-related products, carbon fiber composites, water treatment materials and pharmaceuticals.

Samsung SDI

Samsung SDI logoSamsung SDI was established in 1970, starting out as a display maker - making CRTs, LCDs and PDP panels.