These materials include electrodes, desiccants, adhesives and others


DowDuPont logoUS-based DowDuPont was established in 2015 as a merger between DuPont and Dow Chemical. The new company is a science-based material company active in agriculture, materials science and specialty products.

Both DuPont and Dow Chemical had extensive OLED programs, and the new company is continuing this R&D.

Summer Sprout Technology

Summer Sprout logoSummer Sprout Technology, established in June 2017, develops OLED materials and technologies.

Summer Sprout raised almost $15 million in its first financing round to establish material R&D labs in Beijing, China.

Light Polymers

Light Polymers logoLight Polymers, established in 2013 in San Francisco, is developing products based on lyotropic liquid crystals for applications such as displays (LCD and OLEDs), lighting, solar panels and packaging.


SEQENS logoSEQENS, based in Paris is an integrated pharmaceutical synthesis and specialty ingredients producer. The company was established in 2019 following the acquisition of PCAS and other companies by the Novacap group.


Pixelligent logoUS-based Pixelligent is an advanced materials company that delivers next generation optical materials applications in lighting and displays. For both LED and OLED lighting applications, the company provides materials that significantly increase light output by increasing the refractive index of materials in the device.

Pixelligent has been awarded several OLED projects by the US DoE and is collaborating with OLEDWorks and the ORNL. In August 2015 the company officially launched its PixClear family of light extraction materials for OLED lighting panels.


Innox logoInnox, established in 1988 in Korea, specializes in high-end materials for the IT and semiconductor industry. Innox offers OLED materials through its INNOLED brand - and these include transparent conductive films, flexible substrates and backplates.

OTI Lumionics

OTI Lumionics logoOTI Lumionics was established in 2011 by researchers and engineers from the University of Toronto, with an aim to develop OLED lighting technologies. The company developed new OLED materials (electrode materials and transparent conductors), an OLED lighting production process aimed towards low-cost production, and is working on OLED lighting applications.


Ajinomoto logoAjinomoto Fine-Techno (AFT) is a Japanese electronic material producer established in 1942.

In 2014 the company started developing light extraction films and moisture vapor barriers for OLED panels.


Arubedo logoArubedo is a Swedish company, founded in 2012, that works with organic electronics, including in-house projects and contract research assignments for industrial and academic customers. The company delivers building-blocks for OLED materials to several of the leading producers in the world. Arubedo delivers new materials in milligram to kilogram quantities.


Solvay logoSolvay is an international chemical company (based in Belgium) that offers a broad range of products for several markets including consumer goods, construction, automotive, energy, water and environment, and electronics.

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