Inficon logoINFICON, based in Switzerland, designs, markets and manufactures thin film controllers, QCMs, E-gun power supplies, sweep controllers and accessories, such as quartz monitor crystals and feedthroughs for thin film processes. As manufacturing processes become more demanding, INFICON continues to provide the most accurate, reliable, best value equipment on the market.

The INFICON Cygnus 2 Thin Film Deposition Controller provides exceptional value by combining the proven performance of INFICON thin film controllers with unique features, all designed to achieve the most from OLED processes. Cygnus 2 uses the INFICON ModeLock frequency measurement system to provide stable, high-resolution rate and thickness measurement with an industry-leading rate resolution of .004 Å/s every 1/10 second. No other quartz crystal controller has the performance, quality, and features of Cygnus 2, allowing you to make excellence repeatable.

Park Systems

Park Systems logoPark Systems is an AFM pioneer that was established in 1985 in Korea. The company has installed over 1,000 AFM systems globally to date.

For the OLED industry, Park Systems offers 8-Gen and larger AFM solutions for OLED inspection


SALDtech logoThe Netherlands based SALDtech was established in 2018 as a spinoff from the TNO institute to developed Spatial Atomic Layer Deposition (SALD) systems into the flat panel display industry.

In 2019 the company announced (following its second investment round) that it is developing flexible OLED production equipment.


Invenia logoInvenia produces equipment for display production, including plasma treatment machines, MOCVD and PECVD machines, thermal evaporators and inspection systems.

For OLED production, Invenia offers its plasma pre-treatment system, ranging in size from 2.5-Gen to 11-Gen.


3D-Micromac logoGermany-based 3D-Micromac develops and produces laser micromachining systems. 3D-Micromac systems have been implemented in many industries worldwide, including the photovoltaic, semiconductor, glass and display industries.

For the OLED industry, 3D-Micrmac offers laser-lift off systems for flexible OLED production in addition to ITO/TCO patterning systems.


InZiv logoInZiv, based in Israel, is developing characterization tools for OLED developers and inspection tools for OLED producers.

InZiv says its equipment offers the highest resolution in defect identification correlated with spectral and topographical data.

HiTi Digital

HiTi logoEstablished in 2001 as Hi-Touch Imaging Technologies, Taiwan-based HiTi develops and produces digital photo printers, products and services.

In 2018 HiTi announced it is developing OLED printing technology, with an aim to offer mass production printing equipment by 2023


Cognex logoUS-based Cognex is a provider of vision systems, software, sensors, and industrial barcode readers used in manufacturing automation.

Notion Systems

Notion Systems logoNotion Systems, established in 2012 in Germany, produces high precision inkjet printers for the additive manufacturing market.

The company's n.jet inkjet platform is used by its customers to produce printed circuit boards, sensors, protective coatings - and also OLED, QLED and color filters for e-reader displays.


M-Solv logoM-Solv Ltd was established in 2007 to provide laser, inkjet and spray equipment and process engineering for large area electronics. M-Solv equipment serves wide range of application area including PV, touch panel and OLED, etc.

Cambridge Isotope Laboratories - Deutreated Reagents and High-Purity Gases for OLEDsCambridge Isotope Laboratories - Deutreated Reagents and High-Purity Gases for OLEDs