UniJet logoKorea-based UniJet develops and produces industrial inkjet printing systems for electronic material deposition. The company's systems are used in a wide range of markets, including displays (LCDs, PDP and OLEDs), solar cells, RFID, micro lens and more.

For the OLED market, UniJet offers 2-Gen R&D deposition systems.

Meyer Burger

Roth & Rau logo

Meyer Burger, based in the Germany, is a technology company that provides solutions for manufacturing industries such as the solar industry and the display industry. The company acquired Holland-based Roth & Rau (formerly known as OTB), a system solution provider involved with the design, engineering, development and manufacturing of integrated production equipment.

Through its Roth & Rau acquisition, Meyer Burger offers the PiXDRO printing solutions and plasma coating systems. The company has competences in the field of inkjet printing, thin film coating, plasma technology, system integration and automation. The company is targeting the thin film display (OLED, LCD, touchscreen), battery, solar PV, printed electronics, semiconductor, PCB, and medical markets.

Tokyo Electron

Tokyo Electron, based in Japan, is a global supplier of semiconductor production equipment. The company engages in development, manufacturing, and sales in a wide range of product fields, with a special focus on FPD production equipment.


Ulvac logoULVAC, based in Japan and founded in 1952 is an international corporation that designs, manufacturers and markets equipment and materials for industrial applications of vacuum technology.

Ulvac is active in flat-panel displays, including LCD and OLED systems, offering several R&D and production systems.


Kateeva logoKateeva was established in 2008 at MIT with an aim to pioneer OLED ink-jet deposition processes.

The company developed innovative inkjet printing equipment, branded as YIELDJet printers. Kateeva started to offer ink-jet based encapsulation systems in 2014, used to protect flexible OLED panels. Kateeva's encapsulation performance is excellent and it was already reported that these systems are used in flexible OLED mass production - and Kateeva claims that it takes a "commanding lead" in the OLED organic thin-film encapsulation (TEF) market.

Konica Minolta

Konica Minolta is based in Japan and is involved in copiers, printers, medical equipment, optical devices and thin films used to enhance picture quality in LCD.

KM is developing and producing OLED for lighting, and in March 2014 the company announced that it is starting to construct a R2R flexible OLED lighting fab with plans to start production in the fall of 2014. The fab is not in mass production stage yet, although KM does produce samples and in February 2015 the company shipped 15,000 flexible OLEDs to a Tulip Festival installation in Japan.

Seiko Epson

Seiko Epson is a global corporation based in Japan involved in imaging, robotics, precision machinery and electronics technologies. Seiko Epson lists on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (Ticker is JP:6724).

Seiko Epson is developing OLED technologies for many years. In May 2004 the company unveiled a prototype 40-inch OLED display in May 2004 and in 2009 Epson unveiled new inkjet-printing technology that will enable HDTV OLEDs. Seiko Epson aimed to produce 37" or larger TVs by 2012, but that never materialized.