Kyocera Display

Kyocera logoKyocera Display was established in December 2011 when Kyocera bought Optrex. The company designs and produces LCD and PMOLED displays.

Sichaun CCO

Sichaun CCO Display Technology was established in 2008 in Chengdu, China by Changhong Electronics group and Chengdu Hi-Tech Investment Group.

Sichuan CCO produces PMOLED displays and has an annual capacity of 12 million 1-inch displays. The company's PMOLED displays range from 0.7" monochrome to 2.5" full color.

Nippon Seiki

Nippon Seiki logoNippon Seiki was established in 1946 in Japan and is making and selling instruments for automobiles and office automation appliances.

Nippon Seiki produces PMOLED displays, focused on displays for automobile dashboards and electrical equipment.


Winstar logoWinstar, established in 1998 in Taiwan, is a display producer, that makes LCDs and PMOLED displays. Winstar has two 2.5-Gen PMOLED production lines.


Pioneer, based in Japan, was founded in 1938, and is producing home and car electronics systems. Pioneer was the first company to actually make OLED displays - back in 1998. Pioneer still makes PMOLED panels, but they have exited from the AMOLED display market in 2005.

In February 2010, Pioneer announced it has entered the OLED Lighting market, together with Mitsubishi Chemicals. Pioneer is producing the panels using Mitsubishi's technology. They are sold under the Verbatim brand.

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