OLED-Info, established in 2004 in Israel, is a knowledge hub focused on OLED technologies that offers a wide range of services to the display industry. OLED-Info is the world's leading OLED publication, with over 100,000 monthly readers.

The company provides a multitude of services to the OLED market based on our extensive and up-to-date knowledge hub and close ties with industry leaders. The consultancy services include market outreach assistance, market reports, display brokerage, business development, financial intermediation and more.

OPERA Solutions

OPERA Solutions logoJapan-based OPERA Solutions was spun-off from Kyushu University's OPERA research center to provide services for organic electronics companies and researchers.

OPERA solutions offers analysis, material development and process technology development services to help accelerate projects. The company offers OLED fabrication services, in-house device characterization, lifetime tests, and more.


Royal Philips Electronics is one of the world's biggest electronics companies and Europe's largest.

Philips used to develop both OLED displays and OLED lighting. The company withdrew from the display industry in 2007 (it's Philips brand TVs are now developed and marketed by TP Vision) and in 2015 Philips sold its OLED lighting business unit to US-based OLEDWorks (which continues to offer OLED panels under the Lumiblade brand).

Here's our 2009 review of Philips' OLED lighting panels, and here's a second review we did in the same year of another panel. In December 2010 we posted an interview with Philip's OLED unit business chief.

Philips is also offering OLED TVs (the first one was the 2016 55" 901F), the TVs, as noted above are developed and marketed by TP Vision.


Philoptics logoPhiloptics produces optical equipment for the semiconductor and display industries.

For the OLED market, Philoptics produces FMM masks and also laser-based equipment such as laser lift-off systems and laser cell cutters.

Semiconductor Energy Laboratory

Semiconductor Energy Laboratory logoJapan-based Semiconductor Energy Laboratory (SEL) is an R&D IP company founded in 1980. SEL perform R&D in several areas, including transistors and semiconductor devices, materials and devices for OLEDs, LCDs and batteries, display devices and more.

SEL is actively researching and developing flexible OLED technologies. Over the past years, the company announced partnerships with Nokia, Japan Display and Sharp.

In 2019 SEL demonstrated its latest OLED technologies - including foldable and high-density displays.

Shinwha Intertek

Shinwha Intertek logoKorea-based Shinwha Intertek, an affiliate of the Hyosung Group, is developing optical films and functional tapes. Shinwha offers several products for the display market, including protective tapes for OLED displays, QD films for QLED-LCD panels and more. Shinwha is a public company that trades in the Korean stock exchnage (KOSDAQ: A056700)

In August 2020 it was reported the Shinwha Intertek is entering the encapsulation market for large-area OLED TV panels.

Silicon Mitus

Silicon Mitus logoKorea-based Silicon Mitus develops semiconductor solutions for the power management and audio market, in addition to IC chips for the consumer and automotive markets.

Silicon Mitus develops LCD and OLED display drivers.


Simbeyond logoNetherlands-based Simbeyond B.V. develops simulation software for the OLED industry. The company's Bumblebee software is a simulation tool that allows to simulate the OLEDs device performance in all 3D dimensions.

Bumblebee simulates and predicts electrical characteristics, efficiency (roll-off), color point & stability as well as OLED device lifetime.

Smithers Apex

Smithers Apex logoSmithers Apex, formerly known as IntertechPira, is a global business that provides events, market research, publications and strategic and technical consulting to an expanding list of niche, emerging and high growth industries, including home and personal care; lighting, imaging and displays; plastic electronics and alternative energy.

Solas OLED

Solas OLED logoSolas is a leading owner and licensor of technology focused on the OLED market. From the smallest OLED watch to the largest OLED TV, Solas' intellectual property is fundamental to the design, circuitry and manufacturing of OLED displays, now and many years into the future.

Solas has assembled one of the most comprehensive OLED portfolios in the world, providing new entrants to the OLED market the freedom to operate and gives existing companies the ability to defend their market positions.

Existing licensees to the Solas portfolio include market leaders in the OLED display, smartphone, computer and digital camera markets. Solas continues to seek, evaluate and acquire patents in the OLED space.

The Centre for Process Innovation (CPI)

CPI logoThe Centre for Process Innovation (CPI) is a UK based R&D institute that helps companies develop and scale manufacturing processes. CPI caters for the pharma, food, chemical, energy, transportation and printable electronics markets. It is a non-profit institute funded by the UK government, the private sector (through contract R&D services) and matched-funding EU projects.

CPI hosts UK's printed electronics technology center which includes an OLED/OPV prototyping line called LACE (built by MBraun) that can produce up to 20 samples per day with a panel size from 100mm to 200mm square. The line has slot-die and spin coating modules, metal and organic evaporation and encapsulation and enables deposition of OLED materials.

The OLED Association

The OLED Association (OLED-A) is a membership forum for the interchange of technical and market information. OLED-A serves its membership by fostering the more rapid development of OLED technology and OLED products, serving as a resource on OLED markets and products for media and investors, functioning as a catalyst in the development of standards for OLEDs and providing a forum to promote and market OLED technology products.

Toray Research Center (TRC)

Toray Research Center logoEstablished in 1978, Toray Research Center (TRC) is a subsidiary of Toray Industries. TRC provides R&D support to customers in a wide variety of fields with the latest advanced analytical equipment and accumulated experience.

For the OLED industry, TRC has developed its analytical technologies for more than 25 years and specializes in GCIB-TOF-SIMS, high-contrast TEM, and more.

Touch Display Research

Touch Display Research logoTouch Display Research was established in 2013 as an independent technology market research and consulting firm specializing in touch screen and emerging display technologies.

TDR's areas of expertise include OLED displays, OLED lighting, flexible displays, e-paper displays, near-eye displays, quantum dots, pico projectors and more.


Vkansee logoUS-based Vkansee developed an OLED image sensing system, called MAPIS (MAtrix Pinhole Image Sensing), that supports high-performance in-display fingerprint scanning for OLED smartphones and other applications.

In 2018 Vkansee demonstrated its first prototype, following a collaboration with BOE Display. In 2019 the company announced a partnership with Tianma.

Win Coat Corporation

Win Coat Corporation logoWin Coat, based in Taiwan, is focused on precision coating technologies. The company offers services to companies that want to develop coated products - from pilot lines to mass production.

The company is developing technologies for OLED lighting coating processes.