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Some pragmatic questions about oled tehnology?

1) Do oled displays flicker like the fluorescent backlite of an lcd  ? I can't actually see the flicker of an lcd , but unfortunatly , it does affect me (naussea , eye pain after less than half an hour in front of it)

http://www.cloanto.com/users/mcb/19960719lcd.html  people with simmilar simtoms from lcd .

I know there are several types of oled display tehnologies emerging , so the answer might wary from case to case .

2) What is the spectral distribution of oled light in diferent tehnologies?Would an oled lamp be closer to a fluorescent lamp , or to a thomas edison lightbulb?

Ron Mertens
The refresh rate of OLED

The refresh rate of OLED screen is much faster than that of LCDs, so basically you shouldn't 'see' or be effected by flicker.

That having said, old OLED displays did experience some flicker. Like you say different technology might behave differently. 

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