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Power consuption on display color of OLED

We know that white color consume more energy than black in CRT but in LCD display color not effect anything about energy.

Well, What's about OLED like CRT or LCD or neither?

Thanks for your information.  

Ron Mertens
In that respect, OLEDs are

In that respect, OLEDs are like CRT. Showing black in OLEDs will require no power at all, and the more color (or white) you have on the display - the more power will be required.


The reason LCD is different is because LCD is always actually a filter - you have to have a backlight of white-light, and then filter OUT the colors you do NOT want to show. Showing black is actually a filter of all colors. Which also explains why it's hard to do real 'black' in LCD - it's more gray than black.


Thanks for your helpful

Thanks for your helpful answer.

 Can you approximate or give me an example of the different power consumption in showing black and white.

Example in CRT 74 watts for showing white and 60 watts for black.

 Thanks a lot.

Ron Mertens
The only information I have

The only information I have on hand is from Sony. According to their chart, total black will require about 30% power than that of total white (here's the source).

But this tech is only in the beginning - I'm guessing other companies will see different numbers. But it's an estimate...



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