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Anonymous (not verified)
where can i buy a OLED module? [for a school project]

Hi all,

I am new to here. I am a product design student.

I am developing a lighting product with the usage of OLED light source. However, it seems very difficult to find such components in the market for me to make a mock-up model.

Can anyone or professionals help?

Thanks in advance!


Ron Mertens
You can try to contact the

You can try to contact the OLED resellers or Panel makers, listed in our companies index.

If you are seeking a 'white OLED light source' then it ain't so easy. There are no such commercial products yet...


Toby (not verified)

Well, 2 years later Philips is selling 'em.

Ron Mertens
right - here's the link

Toby - you're right. You can order "samples" from Philips now, here's the link.


Anonymous (not verified)
OLED Development Kit


Take a look at E2M Technology. They have some great kit for this type of thing:


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