Philips signed a commercial material supply agreement with UDC

In November 2013 Universal Display signed a collaboration and evaluation agreement with Philips' OLED lighting unit, under which UDC will start supplying Philips with sample PHOLED materials. Today UDC announced that Philips signed a commercial material supply agreement.

This means that Philips intends to use UDC's materials in commercial OLED lighting products. This is not surprising as it is widely accepted that UDC's PHOLED materials are required to produce efficient OLEDs.

Philips is one of OLED lighting leaders. Their latest OLED panel, the Lumiblade Brite FL300 is a 12x12 cm (10x10 cm active area) bright panels that offers up to 300 lumens. The FL300 is quite efficient (over 50 lm/W) and comes in either 3000K or 4000K. Philips aims to start producing it commercially in Q3 2014. I don't know if it uses PHOLEDs or not.

Earlier this month, I posted an interview with Philips' OLED lighting division's new head of Marketing and Business Development - Jay Kim. According to Jay, Philips is very upbeat on OLEDs, and his personal expectation is that by 2018 the latest, OLEDs will be a household product that anyone can afford to buy. Kim also discusses the company's flexible OLED program, and he promises first samples towards the end of 2014 and a full launch in 2016/2017.

Posted: Jul 30,2014 by Ron Mertens