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Someone help, I need a single pixel OLED

Hi Everyone,

I was wondering if someone could help me out here. For an experiment i am trying to do, I need a simple single unit/pixel monochrome PLED and/or OLED. Ideally I would like a small device, emitting area of no more than 1 cm2  and maybe in the red, green and blue regions. I hope im not asking for too much. 

I emailed sales people and they did not help much. Does anyone know who might make these and if so, where can I buy one? I hope to hear from you soon. Many thanks for your help,


Anonymous (not verified)
Hi You can buy from

Hi You can buy from Densitron.
Please check there website: www.densitron.com

Saadia (not verified)
try Farnell.

try Farnell.

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