Samsung recently re-launched its foldable OLED smartphone, the Galaxy Fold - and now the first reviews are coming in. CNet posted an interested video in which they put the Galaxy Fold to a folding cycles test, using a what seems to be an aggressive machine that folds and unfolds it quickly.

The Galaxy Fold lasted for 14 hours - or 120,000 folds. Samsung says its own tests show that the smartphone lasts for over 200,000 folds. So the CNet test falls short of that - but I have to say that CNet's machine seems rather more aggressive than a normal folding would be...

Some other reviews of the Galaxy Fold are less optimistic. TechCrunch reporter Brian Heater got a review unit, and the screen got damaged within one day. The popular JerryRigEverything posted a review saying that the Galaxy Fold display, covered in plastic, is still highly prone to scratching - and even a fingernail can cause permanent damage.

The $2,000 Galaxy Fold features a 7.3" 1536 x 2152 foldable Infinity Flex AMOLED display that folds inside, in addition to a secondary cover display - a 4.6" 840×1960 Super AMOLED.

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