CNet reviews the Huawei Mate X foldable phone - and likes it alot

Last month Huawei finally launched its first foldable smartphone, the Mate X with a 8" 2200x2480 foldable AMOLED display (produced by BOE) that folds outwards. One of the first reviews was posted by CNet's Andrew Hoyle - who spent one day with this $2,400 device - and liked it a lot.

Huawei Mate X folding photo

The OLED itself seems to be a great display - Andrew says that it is a bright, vibrant and sharp display. When open, the 8" display is great for videos and images. Andrew also loves the folding mechanism works like a charm, and says that the device is a joy to use. Compared to the Galaxy Fold, he says that the Mate X is much thinner when closed which is important - and it is also much more usable when closed as it has a much larger display.

One of the big disadvantages of Huawei's design is of course the fact that the large display is exposed when closed. We still need to hear long-term reviews to see how fragile is the display and the device in general.

Andrew also reports that the plastic cover of the foldable AMOLED creates noticeable "ripples" on the surface when open flat. These are less pronounced, however, than the "crease" in the Galaxy Fold. In fact during his one day review, Andrew rarely noticed these ripples and never found them to be a distraction.

Posted: Dec 16,2019 by Ron Mertens