CMI shifts focus from OLEDs to large-size 4K2K panels

Digitimes reports that Chimei Innolux decided to shift its focus from OLED displays to large-size 4K2K panels. While CMI is advancing its small/medium OLED program (it aims to start low-volume production in Q4 2012, see the video below), it's facing technical difficulties and low yields with large-size OLED panel production. CMI estimates that due to the high-costs involved with large OLED panels, the demand will be low in the near future.

CMI is going to produce 50" and 65" 4K2K LCD panels. It's not clear if there'll be real demand for 4K2K panels either - as there's currently a lack of content for this format.

Posted: Sep 06,2012 by Ron Mertens


Quad-Full-HD panels could allow to display real 3D Full-HD videos on passive-3D displays (like those Cinema-3D ones produced by LG). Currently, AFAIK, such displays have only half vertical resolution for each eye (540 lines instead of 1080) due to interlaced nature of passive 3D technology. So Quad-Full-HD displays make sense regardless of whether there is true 4K content itself.

I think the title is a bit misleading. Chimei do not shift focus from OLED panels. What I understand from the article is that they are not using AMOLED for the large size panel. However they did not say they will give up small and medium size AMOLED program.

I met CMI's people last week.

CMI still develop AMOLED.

They hope to mass-produce AMOLED for mobile and large panel.