The VIP club in Kuala Lampur installed a large Philips LivingScrulpture 3D OLED system - with 1,680 Philips Lumiblade GL26 (Tall Square) panels. The OLEDs are engineered to move in rhythm with the music, meeting the need for dynamic lighting that illuminates well. This huge lighting system was installed by SLT Asia.

SLT actually says that they built the OLED system themselves at an economical price - at quarter the typical cost. So perhaps this isn't an original Philips LivingScrulpture 3D system but something similar developed by SLT.

Back when Philips launched the LivingSculpture, they said the cost is around €43 per OLED panel. If this still holds for this system, it means that this new system's cost is about €72,000.



SLT Asia

Thank you for posting this. I'm the owner of the company that put up this installation.

You're about right in your estimate

The price of the tiles per se were not four times lower but it was a combination of the structure, engineering, labour, and the system that lowered the cost significantly.

Hello Sebastian, thanks for

Hello Sebastian, thanks for the comment. Good job on those OLEDs ;-)


Hi Sebastien... nice work there.

We are into OLED panels. I'm in Penang now, how do we find you in KL?

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Hi KM,

Thanks for your interest. We'll be in touch.


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