Blackbody unveiled new experimental OLED installations designed by Cibicworkshop (Aldo Cibic and Tommaso Corà). The new collection (called WonderOLED) uses both round and rectangle OLED panels.

WonderOLED includes four installations:

Flying Ribbon: Ethereal and without thickness, a light ribbon flying in the atmosphere and designing volumes in an changing way.

Blossoms is a cherry tree in bloom with interweaving branches, finished by a luminous disc like a flower of light.

Teka is a timeless object, inspired by Vienna museum displays, first microscopes and scientific instruments in brass. The hand polished Taek and brown brass chassis meet the purity of 15 OLED discs, result of the latest advances in nanotechnology.

Wish Tree is a lightweighted structure whose stems are holding sheets of light, with an imaginary text, which lit on once hung on the branch.