Chinese blogging site Weibo shared some very blurry photos that seem to show a TV being tested by Apple in a special testing environment. The site claims that this photo shows a secret 60 OLED TV that Apple is developing.

Apple OLED TV leaked image (August 2017)

Obviously this can only be considered a rumor at best - and of course even if Apple is testing a product or a design, it does not mean it will see the light of day. Nothing in this photo proves that this is an OLED, or whether it is indeed 60" in size.

Rumors about an Apple TV product has been around for ever, it seems. And already in 2011 it was said that Apple is developing its own OLED TV in collaboration with LG. Of course the OLED TV market is much more mature now and this actually could be a real possibility. Time will tell, although I would be surprised to see Apple releasing an OLED TV in the very near future.




the phrase is "see the light of day"

Thank you Douglas, that was a

Thank you Douglas, that was a typo indeed.

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