China's largest OLED substrate glass production line to reach mass production in August 2023

China's largest OLED substrate (carrier) glass production fab has initiated production, with full production is expected by August this year.

This is the first phase of the production hub planned at the Weifang Optoelectronics Display Materials Industrial Park, in Shandong province. Total investment in this line was 1.4 billion yuan (around $200 million USD), and the construction of the 2nd phase in this project has now started as well. The total investment in the four planned production lines will reach around $720 million USD. 


This fab is part of China's effort to reduce its reliance on external suppliers for its OLED industry. The new fab, when completed (4 phases) will be able to support around 15% of China's local OLED glass market. The fab is producing glass for flexible OLED displays, and there's an R&D effort to develop ultra-thin glass (UTG) for foldable OLED panels.

Posted: May 14,2023 by Ron Mertens