So, OLED was the most discussed tech trend on CES. But the OLED TVs also got a lot of praise from reviewers and consumers - who were amazed to see the panel's thinness, the contrast, the colors and the fast refresh rates. In short - the image on Samsung's and LG's OLED TVs is amazing!

Samsung Super OLED TV

CNET gave LG's OLED TV the "Best of CES" award: "The winning LG measures just 4mm in depth...and boasts a bezel around the screen just 1mm wide. It's basically all gorgeous picture... CES is a TV-centric show, OLED is potentially the best TV technology ever, and CNET editors agreed that 2012 would be the year of the organic diode". CNET actually says that it's hard to say which is the better OLED TV - the Samsung or the LG one, but LG seems to be more of a finished product, so they gave the award to LG.

LG 55EM9600

Samsung's Super OLED TV got a lot of rewards - Popular's science Best of CES 2012 ("After you’ve stood in front of this OLED beauty, it’s hard to look at normal TVs the same way again"), G4 TV best of the Best Products ("They’re gorgeous, they’re razor thin, the picture on it is looks amazing"), Stuff Magazine's CES Hot Stuff Award ("Ludicrously slim, amazingly bright and devilishly clever...") and it won the Best of CES Innovations 2012 in the video display category ("Samsung's KN55ES9000 is a beautiful masterpiece of accurate color reproduction and maximized performance").

Engadget says that LG's TV is "a thing of beauty, clear from even a ways back in the room...this thing is crazy sharp..". Engadget also loves Samsung's Super OLED TV: "While this isn't a final production model, it's still pretty darn amazing to behold. Razor thin, the colors are as good as you'd hope from a TV with pixel-to-pixel control".

Samsung Super OLED TV

The Verge - "Resolution (on the LG TV) can be reasonably presumed to be 1080p, though again, the colors, contrast, and viewing angles were too awesome for us to try and count pixels".

Gizmodo - "OLED is no joke. Acronyms are often hype, but damn does this set (LG's TV) look killer. The wafer-thin screen is terrifically bright, small details pop, and colors are gorgeous, making the rest of the panels on display already look like old tech."

Finally, Slashgear did try to find out which OLED TV provides the better picture - "I have to give this one to Samsung. The LG model is stunning, but Samsung’s 55-inch Super OLED absolutely blew me away. Either is better than anything currently on the market, but Samsung’s is the clear winner on picture quality".

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