There's a new OLED group that has just been formed - the OLED Association (OLED-A). The group is managed by Barry Young (Former senior VP, Display Search).

There are ten members in the group - Cambridge Display/Sumitomo, Corning, DuPont, Kodak, eMagin, Ignis, MicroEmissive Displays, Novaled, OLED-T, Samsung SDI, and Universal Display, and OLED-A are working to add more members.

OLED-A will "provide the forum for solving common technology issues" and "developing standards for measuring and reporting performance" (materials will be an initial focus), as well as creating "a common marketing platform" to promote the cause to the display, solid-state lighting, photovoltaic, organic semiconductors, and other OLED-friendly sectors.

OLED-A's web site

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