Cambridge Display Technology (CDT) has announced an upgrade to the specification of its Eclipse range of digital test equipment for use in the characterisation of emissive display devices including polymer light emitting diodes (P-OLEDs).

The new specification includes remote calibration which allows the systems to be re-calibrated in situ, and pulsed IVL testing, which combines the ability to test device lifetime and opto-electrical response in one system. CDT has also announced a new 'entry level' Eclipse system with only eight channels, and this is expected to appeal to smaller companies and academic institutions.

The Eclipse range, which is the most sophisticated equipment of its type available, consists of a modular array of Digital Drive Units and purpose-built software, and is proving highly popular with device engineers and researchers. The reliable and cost effective equipment significantly improves the productivity of experimental programs by providing the engineer with powerful tools to measure luminance, voltage and current over time, and interfaces with standard Labview™ software.

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