In April 2014 BMW said that the future lighting technology for their automobiles will be OLED, and that BMW expects to start selling cars with OLED lighting within 3 years. The respected Car and Driver publication now says that the 2016 M2 car will be the first one to adopt those OLED tail lights.

BMW M4 Concept Iconic Lights photo

I'm actually a bit skeptical on that - it seems too soon for BMW to release OLEDs in a car, and even according to BMW, they estimated it won't happen before 2017. But maybe Car and Driver knows more than they can reveal, it'll sure be a nice surprise to see the first ever OLED lighting car next year.

In January 2015 BMW demonstrated a new concept car, the M4 Concept Iconic Lights that features a new OLED-based tail light (with OLEDs made by OSRAM). The rearlights use yellow and red OLED lighting panels arranged in a 3D structure. During the car's unveiling, BMW said that they aim to launch a production model with OLEDs in the "near future".

BMW has shown several OLED lighting prototypes in the past few years collaborating with many lighting companies (Astron Fiamm, Philips, LG Chem and OSRAM)



auto model year

We need to also remember that the auto model year comes out BEFORE the calendar year.  In other words the 2016 models will be hitting showroom floors this October (and for some name-plates even earlier).  So if BMW were to have OLED lighting in their 2016 models, they would need to have those lights sourced by now....

Feasibility of OLED

OLED is the recent invention in auto-technology and yes they help us  to drive in tunnel and dark ways and to be safe always.

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