Earlier this week Cadillac announced that it is set to unveil a new design concept car that uses curved flexible OLED displays and true to its word, the company launched the Escala concept car, with three flexible OLED panels "co-developed" with LG Display.

Cadillac Escala OLED dashboard

Another nice surprise was that the new concept also adopts OLED lighting panels in the rearlight, as can be seen in the image below. Even though the Escala is just a concept, Cadillac says that the new "sinister look" enabled by those OLEDs will also arrive in production cars soon (hopefully with OLED lighting, indeed).

Cadillac Escala back OLED lighting

The Escala has an instrument cluster that is made from three OLED displays. One screen shows the instrument cluster behind the wheel, and it has two curved OLED panels - one on each side that act as "overflow" with information and animations able to transition across all three of the screens.

These OLEDs were produced by LG Display. LGD announced its entry to the flexible OLED automotive market back in July 2014 - and in January 2016 the company unveiled its 12.3" Full-HD flexible OLED panels for the automotive market. LGD is already reportedly working with Tesla and Mercedes.

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