Digitimes reports that BOE Display has signed a $5.26 billion investment agreement with the Chinese government to construct a new 8.5G line within the western China municipality. BOE will start construction in Q3 2013, and the new line will be complete by Q1 2015. It's monthly capacity will reach 90,000 substrates.

BOE Ordos 5.5-Gen AMOLED fab brochureBOE Ordos 5.5-Gen AMOLED fab

It's not clear yet what technology is planned for this fab, but Digitimes says it's probably either UHD (4K2K) LCd panels or AMOLED panels. I personally do not think it's likely for BOE to plan such large substrates for OLED technology.

A few months ago we reported that BOE started construction of their 5.5-Gen AMOLED fab in Ordos (Inner Mongolia) which will produce 54K substrates a month. According to earlier reports, the fab cost is estimated at $3.44 billion. BOE's plan is apparently to first start with LTPS LCD and only in 2014 start producing AMOLED panels as well.

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