Last month BMW demonstrated a new concept car, the M4 Concept Iconic Lights that featured two new lighting technologies - the laserlight headlights and the OLED based tail lights and rear direction indicators. Today OSRAM announced that BMW uses the company OLEDs (the laserlight is also made by OSRAM).

BMW M4 Concept Iconic Lights photo

When showing the car, BMW said that they aim to launch a production model with OLEDs in the "near future". In April 2014 BMW said that the future lighting technology for their automobiles will be OLED, and that BMW expects to start selling cars with OLED lighting within 3 years.

In the past, we've seen BMW demonstrating several different OLED lighting concepts - one with OLEDs made by Astron Fiamm, another with OLEDs made by Philips and a final one with LG Chem panels. So now we can add OSRAM to the list of BMW partners. It'll be interesting to see whose OLEDs will be adopted in BMW's first production model.



But Audi will probably launch a A8 with OLED as rearlight before

Not only BMW are developing flexible OLEDs as Monochrome light source in cars.

Audi is also developing this new concept as light source and Hyundai with Kia Motors

probably is other car makers also in this new light source field.

Flexible and superthin light source will of course be very common in all types of vehicles within 5-years

that can de be sure about when one or two car makers introduce this!



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