BMW announced that it is going to showcase new OLED lighting technologies at CES 2015 next week, and the German automaker plans to unveil its "BMW Organic Light" taillight concepts.

BMW Vision Future LuxuryBMW Vision Future Luxury

In May 2014, BMW unveiled their BMW Vision Future Luxury design concept, which used several new display intefaces and OLED taillights. It's likely that the new concept on display next week will have an updated design or panels. The OLED supplier to the Vision Future Luxury is Astron Fiamm (owners of the Blackbody consumer OLED brand).

In the past year, BMW has been collaborating with at least three OLED makers. Besides Astron Fiamm, BMW also presented a taillight that uses Philips panels a few weeks ago, and we also know that LG Chem is collaborating with BMW. It'll be interesting to see which OLED maker will be chosen for BMW's first commercial car (but we'll have to wait at least 2 years for that).

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