CDT welcomes the announcement by Sumation - its joint venture partner with Sumitomo Chemical - of rapid progress in the development of long lifetime, high efficiency light emitting polymers for full color, video capable PLED displays.

Following a previous announcement in December, CDT now reports the achievement of blue fluorescent devices (CIEx=0.14, y=0.21) with 12,500 hours lifetime(1) from an initial luminance of 400 cd/m², and an efficiency of 9cd/A.

Also announced are solution processable red phosphorescent devices (CIEx=0.67, y=0.32) with 50,000 hours lifetime(2) and an efficiency of 11 cd/A.

CDT also welcomes the announcement of a green material with color co-ordinates (CIEx=0.36, y=0.60), which represents a more saturated color than previously available from this class of material. Materials with strong colors are important in the design of full color displays with good efficiency and lifetime characteristics. Lifetime achieved for this material is 50,000 hours with an efficiency of 16 cd/A.