Blackbody is introducing a new OLED chandelier today, called "The Big Bang". It was designed by Bertrand Medas. The original concept was simple: “We want a huge chandelier people will remember. The new technology and its real potential must be obvious for everybody, experts and casual visitors alike.”

The Big Bang OLED chandelier

Th Big Bang has a diameter of 3.6m at a height of 1.6m. It incorporates 282 OLEDs in 8 white color grades between 3000K and 6000K. The overall active OLED area is 25.380cm².

Blackbody is selling Big Bang chandeliers on special requests. Their light-photon OLED lamp costs $5900, so we can only guess that the Big bang costs much more...

If you want more information about Blackbody, check out the interview with their CTO we published today.