Someone leaked an internal RIM slide showing an upcoming BlackBerry 10 Aristo phone, with some very interesting spec - a quad-core 1.5 GHz CPU, 2 GB of RAM, 16 GB of flash storage, microSD and mini HDMI. The display is a 4.65" OLED, 1280x720. The slide says the display will feature OCTA glass (On-Cell Touch AMOLED, according to - so this is probably a Super AMOLED display (not really surprising).

Back in June it was leaked that the upcoming BlackBerry N-Series (with the QWERTY keyboard) will feature a square 720x720 2.8" (330 ppi) AMOLED display. This hasn't been officially confirmed yet either. Anyway we can only hope that RIM will indeed release their first AMOLED phone soon...



OCTA Glass

Your source is incorrect. If you bothered to read the original post at you would see that OCTA is fully explained better yet do your homework when you are writing about such topics beyond your understanding. And BTW it's "BlackBerry" not "Blackberry".

Thanks for referring me to

Thanks for referring me to, I think their explanation of OCTA may be correct

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