B&H photo reveals Sony's 2019 OLED TV prices

B&H photo is now listing Sony's 2019 range of OLED TVs. There's no shipping date yet, but there are prices for all of Sony's 2019 OLEDs. The mid-range A8G will cost $1,999 for the 55" model and $2,999 for the 65" model. The high-end consumer reference-quality A9G will cost $2,799 for the 55" model, $3,799 for the 65" model and $7,999 for the 77" model.
Sony A8G photo

Sony' A8G features Sony's X1 Extreme processor, Android TV, Sony's Acoustic Surface Audio (the entire screen is the speaker), 4K upscaling (X-Reality PRO) and Motionflow XR for smooth fast action. The A9G adds Sony's Pixel Contrast Booster and an automated calibration mode (including a dedicated mode for Netflix).

Posted: Mar 27,2019 by Ron Mertens


outrageous price on the 77

Don't buy it.