2019 is soon over - and this has been an interesting year for the OLED industry. OLED displays are taking over the display market, foldable displays are finally here, and it seems as if investments in OLED capacity is resuming - or at least set to resume next year.

Here are the top 10 stories posted on OLED-Info in 2019, ranked by popularity (i.e. how many people read the story):

  1. Sharp demonstrates a 6.18" foldable AMOLED prototype (Apr 10)
  2. LG plans to release 48" OLED TVs in the future (Mar 7)
  3. TCL is developing hybrid QD-OLED display technology (Mar 17)
  4. Dell announces new OLED laptops and a 55" gaming OLED monitor (Jan 9)
  5. Hisense's new ULED XD technology uses dual LCD panels to achieve high contrast (Jan 13)
  6. LG to finally launch its transparent OLED signage displays (Feb 3)
  7. LG Display to start producing 48" OLED TV panels in 2020 (Jun 5)
  8. LG Display to unveil new transparent, automotive, 8k and CSO OLEDs at CES 2019 (Jan 6)
  9. LG announces its 2019 OLED TV lineup (Jan 6)
  10. New reports suggest that Samsung delays its QD-OLED TV production plans (May 12)

It is quite clear that OLED technology is progressing and becoming the technology of choice for high-end displays - and also for mid-range ones as prices in general continue to slide. It seems the only thing that will be able to stop the advance of OLED displays is a next-generation technology such as MicroLED displays.

Here's for a bright and exciting 2020!

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