2018 is soon over - and this has been a somewhat challenging year for the OLED industry. The beginning of the year saw a slump in OLED shipments following disappointing iPhone X shipments, slower adoption in Chinese smartphone brands and delays in OLED capacity increases by OLED makers. Towards the end of the 2018, however, the industry started to pick up but OLED adoption is still expected to be slower than what we hoped for in 2017.

Here are the top 10 stories posted on OLED-Info in 2018, ranked by popularity (i.e. how many people read the story):

  1. Google and LGD developed a 1443 PPI 4.3" 120Hz VR AMOLED display (Mar 12)
  2. Pulse-width modulation (PWM) in OLED displays (Jan 14)
  3. Apple's iPhone wins burn-in test over Samsung's flagship OLED phones (Jan 5)
  4. Samsung Display demonstrates its latest OLED displays at SID 2018 (May 30)
  5. OLED Ink-jet printing market situation, early 2018 (Jan 17)
  6. LG announces its 2018 OLED TV lineup, no big surprises there (Jan 3)
  7. Samsung Display unveils new VR AMOLED displays at SID 2018 (May 29)
  8. Samsung says it will release a consumer Micro-LED TV in 2019 (Jul 22)
  9. IHS: Apple is developing a new LTPO backplane, may introduce it in future iPhones (Aug 31)
  10. LG Display developed the world's first 88" 8K OLED display (Jan 1)

Even though 2018 was a bit challenging, it is still quite clear that OLED technology is progressing and becoming the technology of choice for high-end displays. We expect this trend to continue in 2019, with more flexible and rigid OLED smartphones, larger OLED TV shipments (and hopefully Samsung finally joining the OLED TV camp) and perhaps also some OLED monitors and laptops.

Here's for a bright and exciting 2019!



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