German design firm Benwirth Licht created a new modular OLED/LED lamp called Cluster+. The lamp uses both LEDs and OLEDs (OSRAM's ORBEOS panels, in fact) to create unique designs. The idea is that you can arrange the lamp in whatever design you want, and so use it as a chandelier, desk lamp, wall lamp and any other arrangement you can think of.

The basic building block is a square that contains either one circular ORBEOS OLED panel or four LEDs. The square block is about 5 square inches in size (and less than 1/8 of an inch thick).

Benwirth Licht is already selling the Cluster+, and you can contact them to get the price list for each module. This beautiful and clever design won the Design Plus Aware in 2010 and the 'Best of Best' Interior Innovation Aware 2011.

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