Back in February, LG Chem, LG Electronics and Designboom teamed up for a new OLED lighting design competition. There were two categories, regular (rigid) panels and flexible ones. A few months ago Designboom announced the winners - but I only found about that today. Some beautiful designs were submitted...

The lamp above is the lambda by H. Gerlach. It won the first place (and $5,000) in the flexible OLED category. LG says that this design exemplifies the visual characteristics of OLED panels, especially the flexible ones, and it is easily transitionable to mass production.

The image above is of the Snowflake design by David Marin. This one was shortlisted in the flexible panel category - and I think it's very beautiful.

This very nice design is the candle by Naço Architecture (Marcelo Joulia and Gaultier Bigot) from France. It won the 2nd place in the rigid panel category (and $3,000 too).

Finally, the ONA portable OLED design by IN-TETRA won first place in the rigid panel category (and $5,000). LG says this design offers an organic curve and natural wood finish that portrays some of the key messages that LG would like to deliver through OLEDs.

In early 2013, LG Chem announced that they will start mass producing flexible OLED lighting panels in July 2013. Later in 2013 LG Chem updated us that they upgraded the panels (to 55 lm/W, up from 45 lm/W) and have delayed mass production to Q4 2013.

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