This is AUO's 5" bendable AMOLED prototype

A few days ago AU Optronics announced that it will unveil a new 5" bendable AMOLED prototype with an integrated touch sensor, and today we have more details and a photo of this interesting AUO prototype.

AUO 5'' bendable AMOLED prototype (Aug 2015)

The new panel is a 5" 720p (295 PPI) AMOLED display on an LTPS backplane. The frontplane is a top-emission AMOLED and the substrate is a plastic film, encapsulated using a thin-film barrier film. The whole panel, including the "film-type" touch sensor, is 0.2 mm thick.

The idea to use display-bending to create a novel user interface goes back to 2011 with a first demonstrator by Nokia. Both LG and Apple patented devices that adopt similar systems.

Posted: Aug 29,2015 by Ron Mertens