AUO's CEO says that they they will start producing small to medium-size OLEDs again in 2011. They expect to complete equipment installation by the end of 2010 on their 3.5G LTPS line that will be used for OLEDs. 

AUO 14-inch OLED prototypeAUO 14-inch OLED prototype

AUO were actually the first company to make AMOLEDs, back in 2006. Their AMOLEDs were used in BenQ-Siemens S88, the first phone to have an AMOLED display. They since decided to stop making OLEDs.  In January 2008, they resumed their OLED program, and now we hear that actual production will start next year.

AUO has recently shown 14" OLED panels that are "ready for production"

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