Two months ago AUO announced a 1.6" AMOLED for wearable applications. Now at SID Display Week 2014, AUO is showing this new display. The company says that this is the world's first 1.6" in-cell touch AMOLED. The panel is only 0.5 mm thick and is very power efficient.

AUO is also showing a 0.2 mm thick 5" flexible OLED prototype. This panel is made on a plastic substrate and it adopts thin film encapsulation technology - which enable it to reach a minimum bending radius of less than 1 cm.

AUO says that ink jet printing is the "trend for the future development of OLED TV technology". AUO developed their own OLED ink-jet printing technology - which the company says results in higher yield rates and lower production costs compared to evaporation technologies. The company published a paper describing a 65" OLED panel in which the HIL, HTL and all emitting materials were deposited using inkjet printing.