AUO demonstrates several OLED panels and technologies at SID 2017, and the excellent video below walks through these displays with lot's of details.

First up is AUO's foldable 5" 1280x720 (295 PPI) high color gamut (95% BT.2020) display announced last month. JJ Lih, AUO's R&D manager, says that the company expects to have this display in mass production within 2 years. The panel is only 1 mm thick and the bending (folding) radius is 4 mm.

Next the video shows AUO's True-Circle displays - which are round AMOLED panels that have slimmer salient corners compared to AUO's current round OLED displays in production. The video shows the 1.4" 454x454 model followed by the 1.2" 390x390 model. Both feature a PPI of 326, a brightness of 350 cd/m2 and a panel thickness of 0.45 mm.

The video continues to show a conformable (but not bendable) 3.5" LCD. AUO says that this is the world's smallest bending radius flexible TFT LCDs at 20 mm. The panel features a resolution of 320x480 and a brightness of 300 cd/m2. The contrast ratio is 1,000:1. The backlight in AUO's display is attached to the bottom of this display, which demonstrates the disadvantages of a non-emissive flexible display (we've seen this problem before).

AUO is also demonstrating a new 12.3" 600 cd/m2 FHD AMOLED display for automotive instrument clusters - and several other LCD automotive displays.

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