AU Optronics developed new round AMOLED displays, which they call True-Circle displays, which have slimmer salient corners compared to AUO's current round OLED displays. This enables watch designers more flexibility with their designs.

AUO True Circle AMOLED displays (1.2'' and 1.4'', SID 2017)

AUO is demonstrating two such displays, with a diameter of 1.2-inch and 1.4-inch. AUO aims to start mass producing these new displays in the second half of 2017. You can see how these displays look compared to AUO's current "Full Circle" displays.

AUO True Circle vs Full Circle AMOLED displays

AUO started producing the 1.4-inch Full Circle AMOLEDs in 2015 and the company current ships these displays to smartwatch makers in China. AUO introduced the 1.2" round AMOLED in Q1 2016.

A few weeks ago AUO said that nine fashion brands have recently adopted the company's 1.2" and 1.4" round AMOLED displays for future smartwatch products, and AUO will begin shipping the displays to these producers in Q2 2017 - with shipments expected to reach a million panels per quarter in the second half of 2017.