AU Optronics has completed its acquisition of Toshiba Mobile Display's subsidiary, AFPD. This is part of AUO's strategic move into AMOLED production. AFPD has a Gen-4.5 LTPS plant, which can be used to produce OLED backplanes.

AUO 14-inch OLED prototypeAUO 14-inch OLED prototype

AUO wants to quickly start making AMOLEDs, because of the enormous demand for small sized displays. AUO is also working on its own manufacturing line, which will go online in 2011.

AUO has developed an AMOLED with an in-cell touch panel. This is probably similar to Samsung's Super-AMOLED. According to AUO, the display has vivid images, wide viewing angles and a better response rate and contrast than 'normal' AMOLEDs that has an external touch layer. AUO has also shown a transparent OLED with an in-cell touch panel.

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