In  CES 2015, Audi had a nice OLED-based lighting installation at their booth showing the company's logo made from 124 red 70x70 mm OLED panels. Audi finally published a video showing this installation in action:

We do not know who provided the OLEDs for Audi, but it's likely to be Philips, as the two companies have been collaborating on OLED panels for years - in 2012 Audi unveiled three OLED designs, including the rear-mounted "swarm" and in 2013 Audi developed the world's first large-area 3D OLED car rear lighting panels and installed a prototype on an Audi TT. Both of these development was done in collaboration with Philips.

Audi OLED logo closeup (2015)

It turns out that at CES Audi also demonstrated a new OLED tail light concept for their Q7 car. Here's a photo from Audi showing the new concept luminaires:

Audi Q7 model OLED tail light photo

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