The 2018 Audi A8 has a rear seat remote with a 5.7" FHD AMOLED

A few months ago Audi launched its 2018 A8 high-end car, with its OLED lighting rear lights (designed and produced by Hella). Now Audi informs us that the new car also include a rear-seat remote with a 5.7" FHD AMOLED display (produced by SDC).

Audi A8 rear seat OLED remote photo

This is actually the world's first automotive AMOLED displays. We've seen many automobiles with PMOLED displays (in instrument clusters and other controls) but this is the first adoption of an AMOLED display. Depending on the rear equipment specification, the control unit is supplied as standard or an option.

Many OLED makers and analysts believe that OLEDs (especially flexible ones) will find a very lucrative market in future automobiles, and companies such as Samsung Display and LG Display are actively developing OLED displays suitable for adoption in cars. For more information on this market, check out our Automotive OLED Market Report.

Posted: Mar 07,2018 by Ron Mertens